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Although the chronicle seems to imply that Findguala was also Rǫgnvaldr's mother, at no point does the source state as much.

In fact, there is evidence which strongly suggests that Rǫgnvaldr was the son of another woman.

Óláfr's allotment in Rǫgnvaldr's island-kingdom appears to have been Lewis and Harris.

When confronted by Óláfr for more territory, Rǫgnvaldr had him seized and incarcerated by the Scots.

Although Rǫgnvaldr was initially aided against Óláfr by Alan and his family, Gallovidian military support dramatically diminished over time.

Rǫgnvaldr went on to rule the Kingdom of the Isles for almost forty years before losing control to Óláfr.

Acclaimed in one near contemporary Scandinavian source as "the greatest warrior in the western lands", Rǫgnvaldr lent military aid to William I, King of Scotland against the disaffected Haraldr Maddaðarson, Earl of Orkney and Caithness, and occupied Caithness for a short period of time at about the turn of the thirteenth century.

Not only is its chronology suspect in parts, but it appears to be biased in favour of one branch of the dynasty over another—specifically the line of Rǫgnvaldr's rival half-brother over that of his own.

Numerous sources from outwith the dynasty's domain—such as mediaeval chronicles and annals composed in England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and the Continent—also pertain to his life and times.

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