Chat with local aunty

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Chat with local aunty

"Would the government announce a cut in pensions on the Taoiseach's strategic communication unit." ..... Childerns television production farmed out to Disney and Nickelodeon...... All the media front of house and Hollywood glitterati are sh1t scared. Terrified of the skype call from Stephen Spielberg. Mariian Ficunane - Oxford faculty a hoping for Mulligan on Brexit....."I hate referendum, but we need a do over of Brexit vote".....

Shalom my friends, shalom, my friends, shalom, shalom, Jeff Bezos wrong footed again and his media stooges, LOL LOLer. Seventy years of kabuki theater are over and colours are nailed to the mast.

lol David Cameron tried to cauterize the Tory wound with a referedum and boom! The reason there were one and a half million dead people in Ireland during the famine is because the Irish farmer sold his crop of potatos to England , so there you have ...history dose not lie farmer boy. No more our horse-trained narrative rot, for it's the tweet the tweet they have got!

----- Those curds or no degree how could they vote for Trumpi.

Tonnages of cocaine, black tar heroin and crystal met behind plaster walls..... Poor Migrant workers children's attending top learning institutions.... Not enough staff to review properties....1966 tenement legislation..... There is a vast majority of Irish people send money to Africa to help the negro while there are Irish men woman and children living on the streets homeless , Shame on people sending money to Africa your a disgrace to Ireland why don't you help your fellow citizens.

Nurse advised Siobhan that her mother needed a catheter immediately....... 365 days a year the US media have to be up for the 6am tweet...... Beppe Grillo's Five Star Party with the backing of the Mayor of Rome and the Northern League Party agree on running duel currencies going forward....

A carer had to take a catheter from stock room and the nurse Siobhan called for help fitted the catheter...... Remember bunga bunga party Berlusconi informing Angela Merkel that Italy holds 2500 tones of gold to underpin the Lira....

The Italians like the Americans have had enough EU consortium horse sh1t....... Bill who closed banks on the Thursday then rebranded and reopened on the Tuesday while everyone enjoyed the bank holiday.

Bunga bunga party Berlusconi is on the rise again..... The History Show - Pundit pontificating on the demise of the SDLP in the Northern Irish election....... The masses following the progress of sacked MP Priti Patel flight home to London. Enda Kenny of the Lucinda Creighton leash at Davos crowing 26% growth and the millions of America sickened at 2% growth no seen since the great depression....

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With their pick-up trucks and spencer repeaters, those clan members, those baby beaters, those John of Gods, those useless eaters, those tweeters those tweeters!

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  1. I guess my life is kind of like an episode of the Muppet show and I would be gonzo: always on a new quest, pushing my imagination to the limits, and occasionally walking into things.