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What’s more, we get uncomfortable…and she follows our lead. So you’ve got it: If you are shortsighted enough to throw all your eggs in the pickup basket (perhaps literally), you stand an excellent chance of getting NOWHERE beyond that. Because you’ve basically STRUCK OUT when it comes to being a “big four” man…all in under ten minutes. With all this in mind, it’s no wonder I get tons of messages from guys who report getting their fair share of numbers, but can’t seem to get a woman to actually SHOW UP in person for a first meeting (aka “first dates”, “Day 2”, etc. OR you can handle things with a little more polish and style and outperform average guys when it comes to success with women. Instead of approaching a woman with “tunnel vision” about getting her number (or simply not getting rejected), try opening your mind to the bigger picture.

So you call her when you said you would, and you MAKE PLANS like you said you would. You tell her you believe that the man should pick a woman up and bring her home, but you respect the fact that you’re just getting to know each other so if she’d like to meet you at the appointed place and time that’s fine. And yes…she’ll be COMFORTABLE with the choice—all because you set the tone.After all, that’s what some PUAs would tell you to do.Or, you can sack up and remember you aren’t desperate.” sooner than later in our budding relationships with the hotties we’ve just met. And it’s easy to blame women for being so “flaky”, isn’t it? It might not be that women are all that “flaky” after all. Before you go accusing me of sniffing drain pipes again, I invite you to consider the following suggested sequence of events as a proposed new strategy for increasing “take rate” on first meetings. By doing this, he is able to form his next move with a greater eventual goal in sight…perhaps even without his opponent realizing the depth of his strategy until it’s too late.And when that happens, we don’t exactly look confident or masculine. After all, you can keep on doing what you’ve always done and keep on getting what you’ve always gotten…like every other Average Joe. Now it’s not like we’re trying to ensnare women into being checkmated here, of course, but you get the idea.

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And if they are not friendly even in the face of you being perfectly reasonable and personable with them, then I’d say you’ve DODGED A BULLET.

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