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The head of Italy's anti-mafia parliamentary commission called Tuesday for greater cooperation from Malta in the fight against organized crime, which she said has found a "hospitable" home on the Mediterranean island thanks to its shady financial regulations.Rosy Bindi led an Italian parliamentary visit to Malta this week that was planned before the Oct.Italian immigration “made fortunes for speculators and landlords, but it also transformed the neighborhood into a kind of human ant heap in which suffering, crime, ignorance and filth were the dominant elements,” according to historian Arrigo Petacco. Nelli: “New York’s Italian community offered a lucrative market for illicit activities, particularly gambling and prostitution.It also provided a huge market for products from the homeland and from the West Coast, such as artichokes and olive oil, the distribution of which the criminal elements attempted to control.” The cheap labour needed for the expansion of capitalism of that time was made available by the scores of poor Italian immigrants.Allum has constructed a meticulous description and analysis of Camorra activities abroad.The result is the first systematic analysis of the overseas activities of this major criminal organisation."Those who run this sector often base their organizations in Malta, taking advantage of the Maltese fiscal system and the opacity in the registration of businesses," she said.

Upon winning the award, Dr Allum said that she was ‘shocked and honoured for her work to be recognised at an international level and by such a prestigious organisation.’ The awards ceremony will take place in Philadelphia in November 2017.The Invisible Camorra: Neapolitan Crime Families across Europe has been awarded the Outstanding Book Award 2017 by the Division of International Criminology of the American Society of Criminology.Dr Felia Allum is a Senior Lecturer in Italian and Politics in the Department of Politics, Languages and International Studies at the University of Bath.Extract from the Cornell University Press: The organised crime group that dominates much of the socioeconomic life of contemporary Naples, the Camorra, is organized by kin and geography, and it is notoriously the most violent, fractious, and disorganized mafia in Italy.Felia Allum has been researching the Camorra for twenty years, and in The Invisible Camorra she reveals a surprising alteration in Camorra behaviour when operatives live outside the Neapolitan base.

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The Brooklyn Camorra or New York Camorra is a term for a loose grouping of early-20th century organized crime groups that formed among Italian immigrants originating in Naples and the surrounding Campania region living in Greater New York, particularly in Brooklyn.