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Stamp dating and dictionary

In Russia, the post office branch of the Postal and Telegraph Museum (now the A. Popov Central Museum of Communications) was founded in St. Petersburg in 1884; the museum houses more than 4 million stamps, stamped envelopes, and postcards. Collections may be arranged chronologically, thematically, or according to a specialized area of philately.

Specialized collections include stamps and entires, as well as their variations, including stamps on letters and in sheets, essays, and specimens (sample copies of stamps overprinted with the word “specimen” that are sent by government postal authorities to the Universal Postal Union). In the USSR, the first philatelic society was founded in 1918 in Moscow, and the All-Russian Society of Philatelists was established in 1923. The first all-Russian philatelic exhibition was held in 1924–25. In the 1950’s philatelic associations were created in many cities around the country. These associations became members of the All-Union Society of Philatelists, which was founded in 1966.

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1966).(also stamp collecting), the hobby of collecting items proving payment of postage, including postage stamps, various labels, seals, and impressions, and postmarks and cancellations, as well as covers (envelopes and postcards bearing adhesive stamps) and entires (stationery with printed stamps).

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